Thursday, January 26, 2012

Organize Your Thin Dies!

 I am so excited about my recent discovery of the 5 ½” x 8” mini view binders and Avery slash storage pockets at Staples.  I needed a better storage idea for the cool Spellbinder's Nestabilities, so I started with one binder, and now I am filling a second one.  I use one for the "rounded" shapes (round and ovals) and the other for “square” shapes, like rectangles, and for a few borders and other shapes as well.

Okay.  So here is what I do:  I have taken the set of Nestabilities out of its plastic packaging, which I was fighting every time I wanted to use a die…plus I eliminated that double-stick tape that was either too sticky, or it wouldn't hold the dies at all.  It was replaced by a piece of self-adhesive magnet, trimmed to fit the area on the back of the folder; it is available at most craft stores.  I also used some of the freebie magnets given out for advertising (some come on the phone book). Use strong redline tape to affix the magnet to the back of the folder that came with the set of Nestabilities, leaving the illustration on the front for identification, and the dies just fit beautifully all nested together on the magnet.  I then put this newly revised folder, with the set of dies hugging the magnet, into one of the slash pockets in this great little binder (click to see:  Staples Mini View Binder). The slash pockets hold these well and allow easy accessibility to the dies.  For information on the slash pockets, click here: Avery Slash Pockets

There is also a Velcro closure pocket in the Nestabilities binders holding the two pieces of rubber and the cardstock shim needed to emboss with the Vagabond (or other die cutting machines).  These little binders have a self-pocket in the front cover perfect to slide in a cheat sheet with the diagram of the correct "sandwich" needed for either the cutting "sandwich" or the embossing "sandwich."  These closed pockets are also available at Staples.


The Newest Binder Addition to my Bookshelf
This worked so well, that I have expanded this idea to my newest finds:  Memory Box DIES and her sister company, Poppystamp DIES!  Wow!  Do I love these little beauties!  I love how each one is packaged in its own little descriptive paper envelope , so they are protected and are easily identified.  They fit well into the slash pockets, too.  I am finding that I am running out of room for them (they are very popular in my studio now).  So I have begun putting similar ones back to back in the slash pockets, and when I turn the pocket page, the other side reveals its contents!  For example, I have paired the Grand Window and the Small Window in one, both sizes of Window Boxes in another, and flowers and vines to fit in the window boxes in another pocket. 
This method just makes my heart glad! 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

...bluebird huddle!

This photo was taken from my den window a couple of years ago when it was beginning to snow.  Four members of this little flock of bluebirds had gathered on our next door neighbor's window sill, but they decided to gather with other couples close together near the house where the sun warmed the foundation.  When I came across this old photo, I just had to share it!