Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Karen Burniston Gift Card Pop Its Die!

When Elizabeth Craft Designs came out with Karen Burniston's new die for gift cards, I just knew I would have to teach it at the Tennessee Stamper's Retreat this fall.  And without much ado, here it is!

Santa Says Shop Inside

Santa Says Shop Front
1.      Die cut all elements and stamp all to prepare for assembly.
2.      Fold inside working mechanism by working the folds to pop out the main and side platforms.
3.      Insert the gift card or another card the same size and slide it in between the 2 little slots above platform, down into the slot so you can see area to tape when applying backing card.
4.      Using ScorTape (or similar), tape edges of card on the back, avoiding areas that must move. Turn it over and do the same on the other side of the card on its back.
5.      Remove release paper from tape on one side of the card, line up the backing card, tuck into fold and work exposed tape area onto backing card.  Then turn card over, remove release tape from remaining side, and close the remaining side of the backing card and press well.
6.      Fold the line of the little pole platform (straight red piece) and add tape to the foot, run pole through slot platform, remove the release paper foot down with the edge fitting right up against the back of the card.
7.      Using ScorTape, cover each leg front on all main platforms with tape.  Leave tape covered. Do not put tape on the smaller side platform on the right.
8.      Add some washi tape and bows to little presents and stick one to the front of the pole platform.  Add second present in front of first present with a pop dot to give it more 3D qualities.
9.      Assemble the sleigh and add round “Santa Says Shop” to the back part of the sleigh as seen in photo.
10.  Remove tape from two center posts on big platform and align the sleigh supports onto the posts.
11.  Glue alpine tree above the little side platform.  Add the deer by gluing one of its legs to side platform.
12.  Add ribbon to plain white tag and glue the scalloped oval sentiment in the center of the red ornament.  Tie silver cord around neck of ornament and mount on tag.  Adhere tag on bottom of card.
13.  Glue two small snowflakes on gifts and end of sleigh, and add one large snowflake at bottom left of blue area below tag.
14.  FOR FRONT OF CARD:  Glue Top Note Die cut in center of card.  Add “Believe” on top of die cut and decorate with remaining larger snowflake. Your card is finished.  It will fit into an envelope that a 4 x 6 photo can be mailed in.  I found this size at Staples.  Insert the gift card and watch your recipient be delighted at the way in which you have presented their gift this year!