Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pop 'n Cuts Fun!

Card Front
 The new Pop 'n Cuts system designed for Sizzix by Karen Burniston is awesome!  How can I ever make another card without an interactive element now?  My mind is full of possibilities using this system.  

For Halloween, I made a few cards to share with friends and family.  Here are a couple of samples of what can be done with Pop 'n Cuts.

An extra surprise occurs when the Sizzix Zig-Zag pop up die is used to add elements that pop up from behind the featured item mounted to the round label pop up.  The Zig-Zag is trimmed to fit behind the tombstone shown here.  The tombstone is made from the Sizzix Tim Holtz Cabinet die and mini Cabinet die trimmed on the sidesThen tree branches are adhered to the Zig-Zag action.  They lie behind the tombstone, and pop up from behind it when the card is opened and the tombstone itself pops up. 

Another card featured Tim Holtz's Pumpkin Jack and branches cut from Tim's On The Edge Twigs die.  They resemble scary arms with bony fingers when they pop up from behind Jack! 

I can't wait to get back into the studio to make some cards for Thanksgiving and Christmas!  Pop 'n Cuts does the cutting and thinking for you, making it easy to put a smile on the face of lucky recipients of your interactive cards!
Inside of Pumpkin Jack showing branch "arms"
Front of Pumpkin Jack Pop up Card

Detail showing zig-zag die trimmed and mounted to platform

See the photo to the right showing the Zig-Zag pop up die trimmed way down so it fits the top of the round label platform.  The black "twiggy arms" are mounted to the front of the action areas on the Zig-Zag pop up.


  1. I'm so glad you posted this on the Sizzix blog, Nancy! I think the Zig Zag addition is brilliant!! I don't have that die, but I do have the Scalloped Circle and will definitely see if it works with the PNC in the same way.

    Great card and thanks so much for the inspiration!!

  2. Nancy - wow! Putting the ZigZag on the PNC shelf is absolutely brilliant! Especially because it adds not only dimension, but motion! Much like the spinner but easier. Me likey!!! I may have to make a video on that and credit you for the idea - would that be OK? Thank you for posting this link on the Sizzix blog. And for making such brilliant cards. I completely agree that you cannot waste your incredible talents on *yawn* flat card interiors. :)

  3. Thanks for looking at the blog, Shelly and Karen! I love the inspiration you both give me with your incredible pop-up creations! I think this is an art by itself, and it has always challenged me to figure out how to make pop-ups. I have a big collection of pop-up books--all pop-up creations are a joy to me and to the child in everyone!

  4. Hi Nancy,
    I am so glad to have found your blog! I love the pop-ups.


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